2020 Prosper Session Speaker Bio

Parag Mamnani

Former Amazon Insider; Webgility, Inc.

Parag Mamnani has nearly two decades of experience working with over 10,000 ecommerce sellers to optimize their business processes and grow. His experience working as a Product Lead for Amazon WebStore gives him a unique perspective on the ecommerce market and its remarkable growth. As the CEO of Webgility, the #1 automation software for Amazon sellers on QuickBooks, Parag has deep insight into the daily operations of ecommerce businesses of all sizes. Parag believes that most business problems can be solved by looking closely at data and he strives to empower Amazon sellers with the data and intelligence they need to succeed. He is a respected voice in the online retail industry and sits on the development councils for both Amazon and Intuit.  

Proven Recipes for Scaling to $10M

Wed, Oct 28th, 2020
2:00 PM - 2:30 PM EDT