2020 Prosper Session Speaker Bio

Rachel Greer

Former Amazon Insider; Founder and Managing Partner, Cascadia Seller Solutions; Founder and Managing Partner, Cascadia Seller Solutions

With two masters degrees under her belt, one an MBA and the other in History, it is clear that Rachel is a lifelong and avid learner! One who envisions a world where only safe, compliant products are being sold. Focusing on compliance for the largest online retailer in the world has given Rachel a unique perspective on safety. This perspective has brought forth the drive to really get the message out there that safety matters - and how to manage product policy and product safety performance issues on Amazon. Until recently there was nowhere one could go to obtain a degree or even just structured learning about compliance. The only way to gain the knowledge was to have the experience, and the one expert in the Amazon product development space who truly has that experience is Rachel.